National Young Scientist Competition

An event in.. The National Education of Science and Technology Carnival 2009.
Date: 12 August 2009
Venue: SM Sains Tuaku Syed Putra, Perlis

Here's my report..

August 10th, 2130 hr: Journey to Perlis.. by a double-decker Executive Bus. My first experience sitting on the second deck. Nothing much to share.. cos' most of the time I was sound asleep.

August 11th, 0545 hr: Reached Kangar Bus Station.. an unfamiliar place. A colleague, Hj Jamaluddin was waiting for me there.. good enough of him to volunteer. The thing is.. I didn't get down the bus.. and the bus moved with me inside! I was dropped at a Petronas Gas Station.. early morning at the road side. Hj hired a taxi to lead him to that place. At last.. I was picked.

August 11th, 0630 hr: Reached Putra Brasmana Hotel, Kuala Perlis. Freshened up.. had breakfast.. and prepared to leave for SM Sains Tuanku Syed Putra.

August 11th, 0930 hr: Waiting for all the competition juries to come.. went to the office and then met the lab staff. We only used the school's lab.. but all the materials and apparatus were prepared by SMK Arau staff. Everything laid.. all checked.. experiments worked.. and all set for the competition the next day.

August 11th, 1400 hr: Gave a short briefing to all the juries and the lab staffs. Everybody must be well prepared for the event next day. Shortcomings need to be avoided.

August 11th, 1630 hr: Datin Noridah, a friend teaching in that school, brought us to her house. After performing solat, she took us to Padang Besar.. a must-go place if you're in Perlis. Bought some ole-ole to take home.

August 11th, 2030 hr: Datin Noridah belanja us dinner.. a place near our hotel. YM Raja Azahar (MOE officer in charged of the carnival) and En Hamzani (SBP officer) were with us too.

August 12th, 0730 hr: The day.. registration.. briefing to all competitors (representating 16 states in Malaysia).. the competition ran smoothly.. ended by 1230 hr.. near perfection.. no shortcomings. A job well done!

August 12th, 1430 hr: All the competition juries.. Hj Jamaluddin, Roziah, Haryati and me.. jumped in a ferry to Langkawi.. time to break away. After a few minutes in our seats.. we dozzzzzed of.. no time to enjoy the ferry ride. 1530 hr; reached Langkawi.. performed solat.. we had about 3 hrs(+) to do shooping. 1930 hr; back to Kuala Perlis. Reached our hotel.. packing.. retired for the day.. getting ready for home tomorrow.

Identify us by the photo-pictures below..

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