Challenge You Challenge Me

Here's something I would like to share..

In my Bio class last Tuesday, with the 4N-17'most-loved'bunch.. I used my power-point for the lesson. In one of the slides I showed them this (see the images). I warned them.. if anybody falls asleep in my class I'll panggang them like this. (Ayo.. brutal nye!!)

Know what.. Z and B have been trying very hard not to doze off. B managed.. but the other one macam biasa terlentuk for few seconds. So.. what do you think.. nak panggang ke budak nie? I've been trying several teaching techniques for this class.. belum give-up lagi!! Please pray for me.. give me the energy to do more.

However, in yesterday's Bio class.. ALL were fully awake. Z said; Yeh.. harini tak tidopun. He seemed happy. Somebody responded.. Dia takut kena panggang, teacher.

Help needed.. The images are supposed to be animated.. don't know why they're not working. Please anyblogger.. post me a suggestion.

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itana said...

salam alaik cikgu :)

wahhh very2 long time no see. hope cikgu is doing well right now :)

btw baca post cikgu ni, teringat zaman2 saya menahan ngantuk dalam kelas. bukannya sebab cikgu ajar tak best ke apa. no, never because of that~! it's just that.. entah. tetiba dh terpejam. penat sangat ke apa tak tahu la. maybe there's something biologically wrong inside us. u should do an R&D about this. heee :)

btw, good to see you writing here cikgu :)

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