PROKED.. What's that?

Recent news.. another 7 teachers in our school have been promoted as GCs.. congratulations! So including me, there are 10 of us. As a senior, I need to do something.. a team-building is needed.. plus another at least 10 senior teachers.. a 'Proactive KUSESS Educators' team will be organised. So, as short.. PROKED.. ok tak? This is only a suggestion.. it's open for amendments.

So.. what's the first thing to do? According to a simple survey circulated yesterday.. the finding on priority is; (1) Building Teaching and Learning Materials, (2) Conducting Action Research, another (2) Creating Weblogs, (4) Publishing a School Journal (or something near to it), and (5) Using 'Skype' in Communication.
(1) and (2).. should be no problem.. I have some materials and sources to share. 'Weblog' and 'Skype'.. the more you know, the more you want to learn.. so, they involve a never ending lesson. My knowledge in this field, for the time being, is very limited.. however I'm willing to share. We'll see who can help.. maybe Brahym, Hanafi, Sam, or anybody in the PROKED team. The other one is..
publishing a school journal to be used in teaching and learning. Don't know much actually. Journals that I used to know are usually compiling research reports.. quite heavy stuffs. Let's search information at This website might be usefull; Let's find out.
PROKED team.. remember that next Monday and Wednesday, we're to meet.. to deal with this mission. Wait no more.. time is running. Till then..


safwan said...

salam cikgu uyun,

what's a GC? guru cemerlang?
good luck with your PROKED-thingy. sounds interesting.


tcher_uyun said...

Yes, GC refers to Guru Cemerlang. Thanx for visiting.. and for being a follower. Keep visiting to know more about that PROKED-'thingy'. Till then..

safwan said...

haha, okay i will =)
selamat hari raya btw.
may Allah bless you always

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