What I know about how to create a blog (maybe useful for beginners)

I'm a beginner too. However, it's never too early to share.

Follow these steps:
1. Open this website:
2. Press button; Create a Blog.
3. Sign in. The password of your email address must at least 8 characters. If not, you'll be guided how to change it.
4. Press Continue.
5. Create your blog now. Fill up; Blog title, Blog address, and copy the 'eye-twister' so called word.
6. Press Continue.
7. Choose a template. Search for the best one to your liking.. if you change later, it might change your layout.
8. Press Continue.
9. Start blogging.

You'll have more choices of template designs at
http://www.deluxetemplates.net/. They're free of charge the last time I looked at them.. however, no guarantee, sometimes they change their minds. There are more at http://thecutestsiteontheblock.com/. Just bear in mind.. most of them are not for free.

Beginners.. wait no more. Just do it. This is for sure.. the more you browse the net, the more you know about blogging.

Don't forget to post your comments.. I'm waiting!! ..include your suggestions, and even new findings to share. (In Malay pun OK)

Not forgetting.. Thanx Brahym for your 1-hour(+) guidance just now. (Terima kasih daun keladi = Yam leaf thanx !!)


9M2IBR said...

nice blog..congratulation

tcher_uyun said...

Thanx. Hoping for more comments. Keep visiting.

Wazrynn said...

Hi kak uyun,
what a great blog! congrats.....

MY dc@ghani said...

After Mawaddah 3, surf thru KUSESS & linked to this.
Good work, never too late to start.
I started @ 50.
You can utilise this as teaching medium too.
Hope you can DRAG HaQimi within this last 20 over days before SPM. He still can not get the hang of it learning BIO. If he can find the key to that, I think & pray that he can make it.
Thanxs for your support.

tcher_uyun said...

TQVM 4 visiting. Sorry 4 de late response. How's life in Germany? No news is considered good news.

MY dc@ghani..
Just saw your post.. been quite busy lately. Thanx 4 the motivation.. need this push sometimes. Today is the SPM's 2nd day. Tomorrow afternoon.. while the little ones busy packing and back home.. I'll be with all the KUSESS SPM candidates to revise BIO with them. I'll put HaQimi within my view.

Mr tazzi said...

excellent blog..most educational..easily up to standard of a gc and a soon-to-be gcc(guru cemerlang cemerlang)!!!!

ARC™ said...

cikguuuu!!!lama xcontact
btw there are many many other things you could do to spice up this blog

tcher_uyun said...

Hi, Mr tazzi & ARC™..
At last I manage to put my fingers on this keyboard.
Thanx for your positive comments. The GCC thing.. I'll work for it.
I'm in the process to sprinkle some spices onto this blog. Just that it's quite difficult to keep the standard.

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